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Welcome to the Bull Shad/BB Lures Custom Shop page. There are 2 ways to get your bait custom painted.

1. Send your already purchased bait to Bill Barton. You email Bill Barton for his address at bblures@hotmail.com.

2. Place a order on my website for a bait and I will ship it to Bill to be painted. SIMPLY PUT A MESSAGE IN THE MESSAGE PART OF THE PAYPAL TRANSACTION TO SHIP TO BILL BARTON. To keep things simple you will pay Bill separately for his custom paint work

Turnaround time can be 12 weeks minimum which depends on backlog. Bill has been nice enough to fit us into his already busy workload so please be patient as quality custom work takes time.

Find below a few our favorite paint schemes but we can do any kind of paint scheme. For other paint schemes visit BB LURES WEBSITE

Pricing is as follows for CUSTOM PAINTED BAITS

5" $25.00 + Bait + Shipping

6" $25.00 + Bait +Shipping

8" $28.00 + Bait+ Shipping

9" $28.00 + Bait+ Shipping

Mike and Bill